With summer just around the corner, your hibernating backyard will be coming to life soon. Long days of sunshine, lazy days on the lounge chairs, and that cool breeze that balances the heat. Here are some ideas to refresh your backyard for maximum enjoyment in your own personal oasis.

Shady Spaces

Image: 1 Warren Road. Offered at $4,250,000

Complement your sunscreen usage with shady spots in key areas around your backyard. While the draw to lounge by the pool all day may seem irresistible, a shady sanctuary means you never have to retreat to the indoors to avoid inevitable sunburns. Large trees, breezy gazebos, and oversized umbrellas work wonders for transforming your surroundings.

Dine Alfresco

Image: 188 Berkeley Street. Offered at $1,995,000

There is something special about the feeling of eating outside on a warm sunny day / evening, surrounded by family and friends. As you breathe in the fresh air and the aroma of a homemade meal, dine in style in your own backyard. For furniture, use wood, metal, or wicker, with a sleek dining surface.

Accessorize With Greenery

Image: 9 Berryman Street. Offered at $2,850,000

Bursts of flora and greenery can elevate the backyard experience; plants are essential. Trim your deck with tailored hedges and rustling trees to provide that private and intimate aesthetic. Even the aromas of fresh flowers can make any space more inviting, as well as show off your personal style.

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