Let’s not forget about the little ones in your family! If you are looking for the perfect gift for a
child, and want to go with something Canadian made, consider these companies:


Zoodonyms crafts colourful name puzzles, trains, alphabet puzzles and more, in their workshop in Muskoka. I especially like their Noah’s Ark puzzle, filled with 26 creatures, large and small.   

Visit: https://www.zoodonyms.com/ 

Great Pretender

Children develop their imaginations and creative thinking skills through pretend play. Great Pretenders designs all its dress-up clothes in house, and manufactures over 80 products at its facility in Sarnia.  

Visit: https://greatpretenders.ca/

Toy Maker of Lunenburg

Toy Maker of Lunenburg designs and manufactures safe, durable, eco-friendly, Nova Scotia-made toys, games and brainteasers that inspire imagination and creativity. 

Visit: https://toymakeroflunenburg.ca/

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