Small Yards (The Urban solution)

The comeback of the “cocktail pool” or plunge pool. Smaller yards in urban areas are pushing the envelope of design. Popularity of swim jets in a small pool that allow you to swim against the current are all the rage and automatic safety covers to keep out those pesky raccoons out are popular as well.

Stainless Steel Pool (For the Modern or contemporary house)

Pure Stainless pools are making a big splash (pun intended) in the GTA and are coming to a contemporary house near you. These gorgeous and elegant pools can be left stainless with beautiful mosaic waterline tiles or fully tiled. Vanishing edges, full perimeter overflows and even full acrylic see through walls are some of the stunning features of these new beauties entering the marketplace!

Modern designs with reclaimed materials

This is a trend that is following interior design where a contemporary sleek pool and organized and clean landscape would be dotted with reclaimed wood, driftwood, Cor-Ten (rusted) steel and other reclaimed elements from days gone by or nature.

The Cottage at Home

Lots of requests for the “Muskoka experience” at home. While many people have cottages and enjoy them on the weekend, many are turning to pools and water features in the backyard for weekday and evening enjoyment. Nothing nicer than coming home from a hard day’s work to the relaxing sound and experience of water in your own backyard.

Resort Living

Many people are looking for the resort experience. Single depth pools that offer maximum movement and just a quick cool off. Easier to maintain and enjoyed by all ages. Show your designer pictures of your favourite resort and implement some of the finishes and textures and features, from waterfalls to mosaic tiles to loungers that sit on a ledge in the water, bring the resort experience home for that after work chill experience!

Special thanks to our friend, John Kenyan at Gib-San Pools, for writing this article. Whether you pool is indoor or outdoor, a postage stamp backyard or a football field, his design experience brings a wealth of ideas to share. He looks forward to helping you achieve your dream of bringing water into your life.

John Kenyon , Design Consultant
T: 647.883.6149

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