How We Are Embracing This Brave New World and Adding a Human Touch into a Virtual World

Apr 23, 2020

To help our buyers and sellers navigate these times, we are offering the following friendly services remotely:

1. Virtual home opinion of values – we “walk through” your home with you and your smartphone, as we video live chat together, while visiting the interior.  We drive by the exterior (and wave to you).  We then complete our thorough research and analysis; and provide you a comprehensive written report.  We can Zoom meeting and pull in other experts such as our staging experts, handymen, and home inspectors.  We can collaborate with you at every step to get your home ready for sale.


2. Virtual showings via live video – think of us as UberEats – we bring the real estate right to your door.  Buyers reserve a time with one of our agents on any property they wish to see. Our associate attends the showing on their own and live video with the buyer offering a lively discussion and Q&A.  It’s probably the only time a buyer can have a glass of wine while viewing a property.


3. Live stream open houses on site – one of our agents live streams an open house for attendees to see and ask questions as if they were there. We promote these open houses across all of our platforms, as we would a traditional open house.  Okay… one detail is that you can’t smell the freshly baked apple pie in the oven.


4. Matterport 3D images of our listings – it’s almost like a video game designed by an architect. You follow a path of circles through a house or a condo. You can look up, down, and all around and really get to know every inch of the home or condo.  You take as much or as little time as you wish in each room.  But please… stay on the circles.


5. Remote buyer consultations– we Zoom meet with buyers to review their needs and discuss properties.  We can upload listings and documents on our respective screens.  We can email listings and photos and chat about each property together.


6. Electronic signatures – we use our Docusign paperless signing platform to enable you to execute an offer without pen and paper. We are now doing all transaction management paperless with your lawyer and your financial institution.  Best of all… think of all of the trees that we can save together!


7. Virtual home marketing – all of our marketing material is uploaded to your listing or shareable through our Google Drive services. We can deliver brochures, photos, floor plans in a matter of seconds to any buyer, anywhere in the world. We ramp everything up across all of our social media platforms.


8. Virtual staging – teenagers rooms can be so messy.  With our exclusive virtual staging collaboration, we can tidy the photo up.  We can place art and furniture in an empty room, saving the high cost of traditional staging.


9. Deposits handled on line – all deposit monies can be handled via wire transfer for fast delivery of deposit funds.  You would have be driving on the Autobaun in Germany to get any faster.


10. Handling the legalities – we have a recommended list of state-of-the-art real estate lawyers who can meet with you on their computer screens and handle the entire process remotely.  Finally, you don’t have to get dressed up to visit your lawyer.