Evening Walks

Evening Walks.... I began taking evening walks on the night of March 26 2020. That same day we had to leave our Sotheby’s office because of Covid -19. I sensed that we were in for a long stay at home. I almost immediately thought about how I wanted to use this time...

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Thoughts & Insights: Toronto Real Estate Market

In this month’s newsletter we have analyzed:  (1) what occurred in the months of April and May and (2) where we think we are headed short-to-medium terms, and (3) the headwinds we may encounter. 1) Quick fact checks for the months of April and May: April: In the...

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Investing in Bricks and Mortar

What is an assignment of a condominium purchase? An assignment occurs when a condo buyer wishes to re-sell his/her interest before taking possession. In other words, the buyer sells the contract with a developer and “assigns” it to a new purchaser. The buyer of an...

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16 Life Lessons from Mom to Share with Your Kid

Staying at home with your child or tween kids at this time may afford you the opportunity to share Life Lessons. Ask them to share their own interests as well!  Music ~ how to read music Gardening ~how to plant a seedling Cooking ~ how to read a recipe Arts ~ how to...

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9 Best Garden Centres for Mother’s Day

With no lineups, sometimes the little corner green grocery store may offer you the convenience to quickly buy your garden supplies for your place and your mom’s home. If they sell food, chances are you don’t need to order ahead, and you can select your own plants....

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