Evening Walks….
I began taking evening walks on the night of March 26 2020.
That same day we had to leave our Sotheby’s office because of Covid -19. I sensed that we were in for a long stay at home.

I almost immediately thought about how I wanted to use this time and what goals I wanted to achieve.
Along with staying on top of our business,  I knew my other goal was to stay healthy, eat well and exercise.  Hence, I decided to walk every evening, to see what a city in lockdown looked like.

I returned to two of my passions, photography and art. These are some of the  photos that I have taken on my evening walks.

Polson Pier, Toronto

Umbra Concept Store, Toronto

Old Mill, Humber River, Toronto

Old City Hall, Toronto

Bay & Bloor Corridor, Toronto

Queen West, Toronto

Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto

Summerhill Bridge, Toronto

Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto

Marilyn Bell Park, Toronto

Rosedale Subway Station, Toronto


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