Exciting Neighbourhoods in 2021: Rosedale, The Hot Real Estate Spot

Jan 7, 2021

Rosedale, The Hot Real Estate Spot

Our refined clients have an excellent grasp of what constitutes a good neighbourhood. Some of the factors at play are real estate value of the homes, good schools, safety, great social life, and the ability to have quick and easy access to major amenities, such as groceries, shopping and services. We want you to have not just good but extraordinary. One of the most prestigious and historically acclaimed areas of Toronto is one that our team at Paul and Christian Associates knows best at heart. Rosedale is an affluent and centrally located. It offers lush greenery, spectacular homes and romantic winding roads. The neighbourhood’s fabric is designed by the uniqueness of styles, stories, history and unparalleled opportunities.

It is hard not to fall in love with the Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian style mansions. Furthermore, they are now transforming into beautifully designed modern estates, with architectural elegance and modern comfort.

Centrally Located

Rosedale is centrally located just minutes away from downtown Toronto. The chic and luxurious spirit of the cosmopolitan Yorkville area is around the corner. The abundance of restaurants, shops, spas and exquisite offerings are an unparalleled match for anyone looking to enjoy the ultimate lifestyle.


Rosedale is also home to some of the most acclaimed Tennis clubs, such as Toronto Lawn Tennis Club & Rosedale Tennis Club. Their operations and connection to the community go back to the late 1800s and are an integral part of its development and value add.

Acquired Taste and Incredible Stories

The list of superb restaurants within the vicinity is endless. A must-visit is the highly-rated seafood restaurant, Sorrel. (Although currently closed due to COVID, they still offer takeout.) Another Rosedale favourite is the Sash Restaurant and Wine Bar by one of Toronto’s top chefs, Sash Simpson. His story is inspiring and heartfelt. From a five-year-old orphan on the streets of Chennai (Madras), India, to establishing himself as one of Toronto’s top celebrated chefs, the journey for Chef Sash Simpson has been as challenging as it has been triumphant.

Nature and Parks

Last, but not least the natural setting of Rosedale. With winding roads covered in lush greenery, the proximity to Evergreen Brickworks and many smaller parks makes this neighbourhood a dream come true for an active and mindful lifestyle. The lookout of the Brickworks provides a breathtaking view of the ponds and mature trees. Peaking through this well-sought area is also a spectacular view of the downtown landscape. The farmers market and sustainability-driven initiatives make the Brickworks another must-visit spot in 2021.