Fall Colours For the Home

Oct 20, 2021

Fall is a season of transition, a time of maturing and ripening of the harvest, and of thanksgiving for our abundance. With the onset of cool temperatures and the visual delight of rich jewel-tone colours that signify this time of year, many of us also wish to reflect this transition in our homes.

As the palette of fall colours, textures, and materials is so varied, there is a danger of overdoing or incorrectly layering seasonal elements, resulting in a home that looks cluttered and discordant. The key to a beautiful fall look is to be strategic and selective in how elements are layered, to create a space that is cohesive and harmonious. Read on to learn about the eight layers of styling that can be added to enrich an interior on any budget, from DIY projects to an artfully-staged seasonal interior created by a professional.

  1. Select The Colour Palette

Although there are innumerable ways to style with a fall theme, it is important to understand what the base palette is (dark or light), upon which you are layering your seasonal items.

This year’s Benjamin Moore colour forecast (see paint colours below) reflects a sophisticated fall palette to inspire you, in either light or deep tones. The base palette is comprised of the overall tone of furnishings, walls, draperies, area rugs etc. Be consistent and selective with the tones you add on in the other layers, which can either contrast or blend into the background palette.

  1. Soft Furnishings

Have fun changing out cushions, throws, drapery tie-backs, bedding, and area rugs. You can layer a smaller, seasonal area rug over an existing one to add the desired effect.

  1. Styling and Accessories

Add fall-themed materials, elements, and objects to lend a sumptuous feel to your home. Think colourful tableware, book bindings, foliage, fall flowers, stems, pumpkins and gourds, pine cones, acorns etc. Be creative, but be careful not to add too much dried, natural foliage indoors, as it will start to wilt, which will take away from your carefully-composed look. These elements can be added to punctuate key areas in a home, such as a coffee table, fireplace mantel, dining table centrepiece, stair banister, or used as artistic elements throughout your home.

  1. Artwork and Photography

A simple and effective way to add fall decor is through art, sculpture, and photographs. This can be done in a budget-friendly way by checking out local harvest festivals and neighbourhood markets, which may provide an opportunity to support local artists and art photographers. Or make this a fun and inexpensive DIY art project that can involve the entire family.

  1. Fall-Tone Metals

Metals typically associated with the autumn season include gold, copper, bronze, and iron. This is a great time to bring out fall metallic tableware, artifacts, vases, and decorative objects. They add a sparkle and glamour that contrasts well with the other fall textures in your home.

  1. Decorative Lighting

Table and floor lamps can be switched out for ones with either fall-coloured bases or shades. And adding candles and fairy lights will lend a warm glow that adds mood and ambience. Note: For candles, use white, ivory, or natural beeswax colour for the best effect.

  1. Sensory Experience

Fall decor provides both a visual and a tactile experience, but autumn also has a specific scent: a little musky and warm. Bring this olfactory (and sumptuously tasty) experience to your home through foods and scents such as apple cider, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, anise, pecan, cardamom, and chai.

  1. Curb Appeal

Your home’s main entry sets the stage and mood for what awaits you and your guests inside. A fall-themed wreath for the front door; planters with elements of a fall harvest, including gourds and pumpkins; tall, dried wheat sheaves or corn husks; lots of incandescent fairy lights – all of these create a visually delightful experience.

It is not necessary to add all eight layers, to create a fall-festive home. Sometimes, a little goes a long way. A home can look beautifully curated for the autumn season by applying just four or five layers, so as not to visually overpower the space, but to be impactful and tasteful. We have the unique privilege of living in a four-season country, and by skillfully styling our homes for each of these times of year, we can enrich our lives and enjoy a full sensory experience all year round. That is a life well lived!

Photos sources from social media