The autumn weather is upon us! Heavy duvets, throw blankets and comfy sweaters come out of summer hibernation. With a few warm and thoughtful touches, your home can feel inviting and comfortable for your family and guests. Here are our tips to warm up your home this fall.

The Entrance

This is a part of your home you pass in and out of almost every day. After feeling the brisk outdoor breezes, you finally want to shut the door and feel cozy while removing your fall jacket. It also sets the tone for your day on the way out. Fill vases with cut branches. Add a mirror to reflect the gentler sunlight. Designate areas to store boots, hats and the rest of your winter layers. Place vibrant coloured mums outside your front door. Everything you need to endure the chilly environment is within reach and makes dressing less of a chore.

Get Cozy in Front of the Fireplace

Nothing beats being bundled up in front of the fireplace. Update your firewood storage with metal bins or have your gas fireplace serviced. Decorate your mantle to enhance the warm cheeriness of your space. Boughs, candles, glass vases filled with pinecones; all make your room visually cozier. For those without a fireplace, you can also create a cozy ambiance by setting up a row of pillar candles where a fireplace would go. Additionally, add a variety of warm and soothing candle scents to enhance the room’s natural aroma.

Restful Retreats

The bedroom is your year-round retreat. Dress your bed for winter by replacing the cotton sheets with flannel. Soften your sleep with a few extra throw pillows. Bring a rustic charm to the room by draping a thick knit blanket atop the duvet. Beware: getting out of bed won’t be easy after daylight savings time arrives! 

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