16 Life Lessons from Mom to Share with Your Kid

May 7, 2020

Staying at home with your child or tween kids at this time may afford you the opportunity to share Life Lessons. Ask them to share their own interests as well! 

  1. Music ~ how to read music
  2. Gardening ~how to plant a seedling
  3. Cooking ~ how to read a recipe
  4. Arts ~ how to make a collage
  5. Housekeeping ~ how to do the laundry
  6. Relationships ~ how to genuinely apologize
  7. Nutrition ~ how to plan a healthy meal
  8. Money Management ~ how to spend wisely and save for the future
  9. Job Hunting ~ how to write a resume and prepare for an interview
  10. Exploring ~ how to read a road map
  11. Literature ~ how to find a book in the library 
  12. Safety ~ how to take public transit
  13. Driving ~ how to pump gas
  14. Communication ~ how to write a letter or thank you note
  15. Socialization ~ how to introduce yourselves
  16. Emotions ~ how to express feelings in a positive way


Sourced from Bathurst Dental