The Anticipation of Spring

Mar 18, 2021

The coming of Spring is a time of great anticipation as we look forward to the warmer weather, the sight of our first robin, greener grass, the first blooms of a crocus, and a bit of Spring
Fever. It’s also a season of new beginnings and the very special holidays of Easter and Passover.

We are certain that you have many of your own Spring holiday traditions and favourite foods. Here is what our team enjoys at this time of year:



Oh yes, it’s a seasonal favourite. Warm them or toast them… a dab of butter and your mouth is melting.

We think that the best hot cross buns in the city are at Black Bird Bakery. It might be the dried cherries, warm spices or the apricot glaze that make them so yummy. They call them “Not Cross Buns”!  Best to pre-order until April 4th as they are in high demand!

There are two locations:

Kensington Market
172 Baldwin Street
416 546 2280

635 Queen Street East
416 465 0043

Who doesn’t love a Scavenger Hunt?!

This is a fun thing to do with the young ones as they search for Easter eggs outside…or in!  Fun clues written on colourful paper lead the children to find their decorated hidden treasures!

Prizes could include classic chocolate bunnies from Stubbe ( on Dupont Street or marshmallow bunny skewers from Sweet Thrills on Roncesvalles (


Any day now we will start to see the spring hydrangea on display at our favourite flower markets and nurseries. With a breathtaking kaleidoscope of colours it’s always hard to choose your favourite. Hydrangea plants make a beautiful gift for someone who needs a smile! Planting Hydrangea in urns front door with pussy willows makes for a cheery greeting. Whatever your colour choice, and with a little sun and shade, these gorgeous plants should last until fall.

A Little Egg Slop!

Now, this is a great breakfast idea when Easter Day has passed. After you have had all the fun of dying Easter eggs with your kids or grand kids, be creative, chop them up and mix with a favourite white sauce. It is delicious served on toast for a great breakfast treat!


                    The Celebration of Passover

Passover is a holiday where the entire family gathers around the table to celebrate the Jews Exodus from Egypt. The traditional Seder dinner is steeped in ritual and symbolic foods.

As family joins together, the reading the Haggadah tells the story of this Exodus and the dinner table is filled with symbolic foods, each representing a different element of the story. These are some of the foods that you will find at the Seder table:

MATZAH  ~ This unleavened bread symbolizes the haste of the Jews departure from Egypt, as there was not enough time for the bread to rise.

HORSERADISH ~ Bitter herbs represent the bitterness of hard work that the Jews had to endure while in Egypt.

CHAROSET ~ This mixture of sweet wine, apples and nuts symbolizes the brick and mortar of the cities that the Jews built in Egypt under forced labour conditions.

GREEN PARSLEY ~ This beautiful fresh herb celebrates the onset of Spring, when the Exodus occurred.

Matzo Ball Soup!

Here’s the best soup recipe we could find:

The best part of the Seder is when the youngest child recites the Ma Nishtana – the Four Questions – about why the Seder night is different from any other night. The joy of children reading and singing is at the very heart of Passover.

This year Passover is celebrated from sundown Saturday, March 27th to the evening Sunday, April 4th and we wish all our friends, clients and colleagues a Chag Sameach….Happy Passover!

Spring Fever

“It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve

got it, you want—oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want,
but it just fairly makes your heartache, you want it so!”

― Mark Twain